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Program Art Lines

Program Art Lines is graphic application that let you to create excellent images. These images can be used for creation of painted art, wallpaper and craft projects, textile patterns and others. Program is based on using multi-color lines and lines of variable width. The line is multi-color line if color of line points differs among themselves. Line is line of variable width if width in points of line is variable value. The line can be simultaneously multi-color line and a line of variable width

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Use of program

Use of this program is most effectively in a combination with graphic editor as for example app MS Paint. We can to refer too more powerful graphic editor Images Generator (, having a rich tooling for creation of images.
Free download Images Generator click here (9M)



Other innovation applications for creation and editing images.                                   

Images Generator

Images Generator is image-editing application to which any of the following definitions can be applied: graphic editor, 3D images creator, portraits creator, Art creator, image generator. In Images Generator the small sizes and convenience of using are combined with ample opportunities. Features of the program are innovation methods for creation of images. Program allows creating excellent images, which are difficult to create by other ways.
Download Images Generator click here (9M)

Color transitions, Spots, Scratches and Red Eyes remover. 

Color Transitions, Spots, Scratches and Red Eyes Removal is a complete, easy to use image processing application. Main tasks of this application are removing of spots, dust, scratches, Red Eyes and other defects of photo. It can be used to eliminate the sharp color transitions when creating images by combining their compound parts. This application can be used for white spots creation.

Image area selection and edge detection

Program "Image area selection and edge detection" is useful tool for Graphic Designers, Web  Developers and others. It let you to select part of image on it color properties and to measure area of selection. Border of selection determines contour line. Length of contour line can be measured too. You can to cut selected part and to copy it to clipboard or to paint it by specified color. Program let you to measure difference or distance between two colors and provide conversion from one color model to other.
Program site: 
Free download trial of Image Area Selection and Edge Detection.(620 kb)

Graphic components

If you are software developer this graphic components will be useful for you.

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